Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Favorite Kid Sayings

So the other day I was thinking of the funny things that my kids say and I am realizing I am forgetting them. So here is one from each of them and the ages they were when they said them.

Britton (15)- "Mom the Sweetheart dance wouldn't count as a date, right?"

Chandler (7)- Kaitlyn asked how the baby (Connor) got in my stomach and while I was trying to decide how to answer that Chandler chimes in, "That's easy. You know how dad says there are spirits all around, well mom just slurps one up! If she wanted twins she would just slurp up two!"

Kaitlyn (8)- "When is it okay for me to kiss a boy?" (mom's answer: "after your master's degree")

Sydney (6)- "I don't think I will date boys when I turn sixteen, dad's dates are more fun, I'd rather go out with him anyway."

Connor (4)- "Mom why.... is that lady black, are the people stuck in the radio, did dad hug you like that, can't I have a real gun, can't I drive the dump truck...?"

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Charlene said...

Those are my favorite things to remember when I blog!! Any more news about July and NY????